Dan Levy calls out Comedy Central India for censoring same-sex Schitt's Creek kiss

William Hughes
·2 mins read

Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy has called out the Indian version of Comedy Central this week, blasting the network on Twitter for cutting a same-sex kiss out of a promo for the recently Emmy-bedecked series. Specifically, Levi called out Comedy Central India for editing out a kiss between himself and Dustin Milligan’s character Ted, in the season 5 episode “Housewarming.”

As Levy points out, the exclusion is especially galling because the clip does include shots of two women, and a man and a woman, kissing. (The scene in question centers around a game of spin-the-bottle, in case that wasn’t clear.) Singling out the kiss between two men—a kiss which is the center of the whole scene, and the hyped-by-the-network “drama” that follows—is a pretty blatant expression of homophobic attitudes. (It doesn’t help to consider this whole issue in light of the fact that India only decriminalized homosexuality as recently 2018, getting rid of an old British law that had been hanging out on the books since the 18th century.)

So far, neither Comedy Central’s Indian incarnation, or its American one, have commented on Levy’s ire. (He was quick to note that the U.S. Comedy Central has been “lovely and respectful” in its handling of the series, which originally aired on PopTV, though.) Schitt’s Creek wrapped up its six-season run this summer; the show’s final season arrived (early!) on Netflix earlier this week.