What to make of the Dallas Cowboys pass-catching corps?

Are you worried about Michael Gallup? We have you covered on the latest Yahoo Sports Fantasy Forecast as Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don parse through the crowded options Dallas has in the passing game.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Cowboys-- you know, Dak Prescott is on pace to break the passing yardage record by over 1,200 yards. He's putting up like 400, 500 yards passing per game. You would think that that sort of rising tide would elevate all boats, and it's been sort of a week-by-week situation. I mean, Gallup comes off a monster game against the Seahawks and barely does anything despite Dak tearing it up against the Browns last week from a passing yardage perspective.

But right now just through four weeks, percentage of team targets, Amari Cooper clearly leads the group at 25.8. CeeDee Lamb is down there at 14%. Gallup is at 12%. Now when you look at the percentage of air yards, Amari Cooper still leads the group, but it's closer, 30% to 26% for Michael Gallup. And CeeDee Lamb has sort of been that short area slot receiver, at least to start the year.

And then when you look at routes run per game, Gallup leads the group just a bit ahead over Amari Cooper. 44.3, 44 for Cooper, and then 38.5 for CeeDee Lamb. By the way, Dalton Schultz-- another Dalton. Not the best Dalton that we know in the fantasy business, but the second best Dalton that we know.

He's up there at 30 routes per game too. He actually has more targets than Michael Gallup on the year. If you drafted Blake Jarwin, your process on that was right. That's not much more than a back pat, but your process on drafting Blake Jarwin was right. It's just you've got the wrong player now.

So where are you in terms of this Cowboys receiver corps? People are ready to drop Michael Gallup. I think that this thing could easily change. Not like Cooper or Lamb is gonna be irrelevant at some point, but I think I would not freak out that much about Gallup considering he's still involved in the offense and he's getting high quality targets. There just hasn't been the bulk of targets yet, but who's to say that that couldn't change in like four weeks?

DALTON DEL DON: Yeah, I drafted Jarwin everywhere, and it's so annoying seeing how Dalton Schultz is being used. So Dallas is super interesting because their defense has just been so, so bad. I know the offensive line has struggled as well. But Dak Prescott is on pace to throw more than 800 passes, I believe, this year. I think only Stafford is the only person to ever throw more than 700.

So it's really interesting. On one hand, Gallup has the 11th most air yards this year. So do not drop someone in that offense with the 11th most air yards this season. However, if you look at his team target share is 12%. Everyone else on that leaderboard on the air yards is above 20. So it's really, really weird.

MATT HARMON: Very strange.

DALTON DEL DON: So if they throw 800 times this year, I don't think it would matter, the team target percentage. That actually won't matter for CeeDee Lamb and these guys. But the thinking is he probably won't throw 800 times this year, so that team target percentage is gonna matter.

But Cooper could get hurt. Don't drop Gallup. He'll get his. And CeeDee Lamb, obviously, would have looked better if Cedrick Wilson didn't replace him for a couple of quarters too.

So it's a really weird situation for sure. I think that the efficiency will probably rise and the volume will lower is what I'd say. But don't go dropping Gallup. I think he'll be better.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, would anybody be surprised if he converts all those air yards into like 110 yards and a touchdown next week against the New York Giants? I definitely would not be surprised at all. So might be a frustrating player, but I think you understand sort of what you're getting. You're getting a deep guy who is gonna be volatile week to week sort of depending on where we are.