Can Dak Prescott utilize his rushing game vs. the Seahawks?

FFL Flash Alert - Tank Williams looks for Dak Prescott to show off his ability to be a dual threat. The Cowboys quarterback has an over/under of 18.5 rushing yards via BetMGM.

Video Transcript

- All right. Now that we've made some flex decisions, let's make some money with a few player props we like from Tank, you kick us off.

- Well I'm going with Dak Prescott. Now, when I originally picked this bet, it was the over for 15.5. And they already notched it up to 18.5. Which shows you that I was Negrodamus with my pick. Whole lot of mercy coming with these readings. So Dak had 3 for 30 versus the Rams. And 5 for 18 versus the Falcons. Cam Newton ran for 47 yards on 11 carries, two tubs last week. And so I think that this is a copycat league. Dak is still trying to get paid. And so what's the best way to get paid? To go ahead and use your arms and your legs against that let the Russell cook movement. So, therefore, Dak is going over.