I Work Out Daily, and I Just Found My New Favorite (and Most Supportive) Sports Bra

India Yaffe

I could buy leggings all day every day, but when it comes to sports bras, to say I'm particular is an understatement. I've got a larger chest, which means I can't wear just anything. I work out every single day, but I like to switch it up, so one day I'm going on a hike, the next I'm taking a dance cardio class, and the next I'm doing pilates. I know firsthand that if a bra's not supportive enough, I'm going to have a bad workout, but the truth is that those super supportive bras aren't always comfortable. When I'm going into a lower impact workout, I want a bra that feels comfortable without being restrictive, and I finally found it.

The Lululemon Free to Be Elevated Bra ($52) is one of my favorite bras I've ever tried. It perfectly walks the line between being supportive and comfortable. I wore it on a hike, and then promptly did laundry so I could wear it again for a yoga class the next day. If you have a larger chest and want the perfect light-to-medium-support bra, this is it.


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