Your Daily HomeScope for November 21, 2023

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


The hard work of making the yard look splendid, hiring the caterer, and especially, keeping the secret pays off today when friends, who thought they were coming to a simple brunch, watch you marry the person you love.


Make it a stay-at-home day and clear clutter from an area that counts. An organized foyer makes a grab-and-go lifestyle appear uncluttered. Create a permanent area for keys, sports equipment, purses and hats. Celebrate completion of the project by ordering home-delivered pizza for dinner.


Adding storage space to a very small bathroom begins with the space above the commode. A 12-inch deep, 30-inch tall cabinet set high enough will give you enough room to keep the niceties as well as the necessities without hitting your head.


In your circle of friends, though you are considered to be the connoisseur of fine things, you are careful not to let this fact go to your head. Choose wine storage racks that can be expanded and are built heartily enough to support the weight of expansion.


Going full-tilt boogie without reading the directions often leads to trouble. Happily you have learned from your mistakes and are able to teach others by example. For instance, begin a layered applique design in the center of a pillow and work around to the edges so your surface stays neat and tidy.

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Experience something foreign today, even if that means eating out or preparing an exotic recipe from an ethnic cookbook. And don't hesitate to invite others over to share your multicultural experience. Your taste buds and your pals will thank you.


Steak fajitas for two with grilled papaya salsa will have the one you love accusing you of indulging their every whim. The look on his or her face after the first bite is just the beginning of the ecstasy in store for both of you as the relationship progresses.


The compact space of your kitchen calls for a round table rather than your rectangular four-footed favorite. Sell your table and use the money to shop for a new one -- you will find a great bargain at an estate sale.


In many cultures, rice is sacred, so announce your engagement in an unusual and exotic way. In a couple of cup-sized jars, place two cups of rice with a couple tablespoons of herbs, such as garam masala or herbs de Provence. Decorate with a label that heralds your nuptials.


A collection of memorabilia leads to the nontraditional, free-form shape of your altered art today -- just go with it. Your three-dimensional work is a perfect entry in an upcoming art fair.


All that you do serves a dual purpose today. Zoom in for pictures of the toddlers as they cavort in the yard. Later, when they are napping, pour what's left of the pool water on your thirsty garden.


You have a gift for choosing or designing the perfect gift for any occasion. The copy of a cherished love letter makes an enchanting centerpiece to your art project that celebrates the love your parents have for each other.

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