Your Daily HomeScope for May 20, 2022

·3 min read

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


Though there's something to be said about the charm of making things the old-fashioned way, but go for rapid results today. Even though making bread on the counter top is fun, baking in a bread machine will be far more satisfying to you.


If you find yourself in a talkative mood today, don't stay off the phone just because you have chores to do. With a headset receiver, you could easily walk about the house, cleaning or cooking or even spending some time pulling weeds while chatting with a friend.


With so much going on, you may become quite the multitasker today. Prepare to vacuum the rugs while you dust the shelves, and call the caterer as you blow up balloons for the party you're hosting.


The finer details may drive you crazy today, anything less than perfection being simply unacceptable. A clear, spotless wine glass will be a thing of beauty to you. While you're in this mindset, spend some time perfecting the small details of your home.


Take some time to properly thank your friends for the kindness they bestow on you. If your friends helped you out with a particularly tough project recently, be sure to throw a small party in their honor, saying thank you with homemade food and endless hospitality.

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When you volunteered to host a party for a friend, perhaps you didn't anticipate how much would be involved. Create a checklist and try not to get too stressed -- just imagine how anxious the guest of honor feels about their big day.


Once you've made the pitcher of lemonade, it may occur to you that it would be nice to have someone over to share it. Invite over a neighbor, maybe one you don't know very well, and forge a friendship over the taste of sweetened lemons.


As much as you would like to make your way through the checkout aisle without noticing the candy, there's no denying it -- it's everywhere. Try to resist over-doing it on milk chocolate and creamy fillings. You'll surely regret the calories later.


If you borrow a tool from a neighbor this week, be extra sure to return it in a timely manner. Small things like this are what build trust between neighbors and turn them into friends. Though it doesn't seem like much, your prompt return will speak volumes about your personality.


As you fold your t-shirts today, you may realize that, in the back of the drawer, there are a bunch you never wear. Discard the extra shirts that are taking up valuable real estate in your dresser -- with additional room, you'll have a new excuse to buy new shirts!


Though others may think that it's a joke, sometimes you really do believe that bacon could go with everything. Allow yourself to go a little crazy with your favorite foods today, overdoing it with certain ingredients, and omitting other ingredients you were never that crazy about anyway.


If a friend calls you up and needs help with a project, say yes without hesitation. What may seem mundane to her could be a creative outlet for you. Who says that pasting together three hundred homemade save-the-date cards can't be fun?

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