Your Daily HomeScope for July 20, 2022

·3 min read

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


You may have an experience this week of seeing what it would be like to move home. Notice things that you were unable to truly appreciate as a child, such as cooking, general housekeeping, and the way that they entertain and welcome guests.


When nothing else in the world seems right, there are a few things that can give you security that surpasses any burglar alarm or guard dogs. The sensation of knitted socks on your feet, a cup of hot chocolate in your hand, or curling up with a favorite blanket are all activities that remind you everything will be okay.


With the thriftiness that you are practicing lately, you will save enough to take the vacation of your dreams in a few months. It is amazing to see how much you can save by steering clear of name brands and dining in.


As one craft project comes to an end, happily in the hands of a grateful friend, you can finally start to envision what you will make next. This is the most exciting part of the process, imagining the possibilities, the new techniques you'll try, and the new materials you'll play with.


Upon discovering the sunniest window in your house, you may have moved all of your potted plants to its ledge. But what about your needs for a sunny window? Find a comfy chair to place among the plants and soak up the sun along with them.

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With a gaggle of family members headed to your house, you'll have a brilliant idea: Organize all of the old family photos for a reminiscing session. There's no need to do anything fancy -- just having the photos on hand will be immeasurably thoughtful and appreciated.


When you volunteered to accompany a friend to the fabric store today, you may have forgotten how many options there are to choose from! Help your friend by encouraging her to narrow her search -- stick to cottons in natural colors and your search will already be much easier.


Your family may say a funny little toast before dinner, or hug and kiss in a certain lopsided way. But what you didn't realize is how many generations back these same little quirks have stuck around. Spend time with an elder family member, learning all you can about the culture and people you came from.


As you're putting away the shoes of a housemate today, you may catch something tempting out of the corner of your eye. Whether it is the open pages of a journal, the closing lines of an email, or something that looks suspiciously like a gift, divert your eyes!


You've knit yourself and your friends and family a tons of scarves, but you can't seem to get enough! Experiment with new techniques, seeing if you can play with the medium. You may not be an expert, but you're not afraid to make a mistake and go back to the drawing board.


Work through some emotional issues today by finding a repetitive task, allowing your hands to stay busy and your mind to stay free. Make a soup with several kinds of vegetables that require peeling and chopping -- snapping peas can be extremely therapeutic.


Though you're not the type to say (or sometimes even think) mean things, there's no getting around the fact that your guests this evening are annoying. Kill them all with kindness and play the perfect host. And in the meantime, spend as much time in the kitchen as possible!

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