Your Daily HomeScope for August 08, 2021

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


Washing the family dog is a job to delegate to the children while you bring out the digital camera. Upload the movie or pictures to the computer so the grandparents can share in the silliness.


The pride you take in your work shows today in full color. Making your home attractive to buyers may include photographs posted online. One trick of the trade is to crop out sidewalks and streets. Another is to remove vehicles from the driveway.


Assess what you can do in your home to redecorate without spending any money. Wreaths don't always have to hang on the wall. Some make excellent centerpieces when candles are placed in the middle.


Working from home has the advantage of few distractions (if you do not have young children), but it also means you must have the fortitude to stick to your schedule and goals. Set times to review personal emails to maximize your productivity.


By contemplation, you shall uncover the truth. Ask yourself: What are the feelings I want to have as I drive up to my home? Do you want to feel embraced in warmth; see the organized chaos of children playing; a tree-lined drive? Jot down specific notes and how you can make your truth corporeal.

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You will meet life's challenges with swift solutions. When a couple becomes three there are of course amazingly wonderful changes, but there are also financial ones. Children are as much a source of tax breaks as they stretch a family's budget. Setting aside pre-tax dollars is wise.


You do not have to feel like you're left in the dark. Knowledge is power. Recessed lighting, table lamps, wall sconces and ceiling light fixtures are all options when it comes to lighting your home. A light above the kitchen sink is an absolute must.


Work is a means to a paycheck to get what you need and want. If it is driving you crazy, jot down all the things you like about your job, then all the things you wish you could change. Pick one thing you can change and do so.


Understanding how to balance your time for your hobby with everything else you do will bring you happiness. A wall display of three-dimensional objects, such as wooden ducks, contrasts nicely with botanist-type drawings of foliage.


Growing herbs for more than salad dressing is a good use of your garden. What you think is an allergy may be a nasal passage fungus. A nasal wash infused with one of the following antifungal herbs can help you breathe clearly again: lomatium, calendula or neem. Consult your health care profession first.


Flowers welcome a dear friend to your home for a long overdue visit. A vase of sweet peas will add a pleasant scent and look dainty on the sill of the guest cottage's reading nook.


Let there be no distractions as the point is made. The no-texting-at-the-table policy elicited frowns from your teens when you implemented it, but tonight's lively dinner conversation will prove you were right to do so.

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