Your Daily HomeScope for August 07, 2021

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


You may be called upon to be the mediator of family squabbles, but you may find it better to hold your boundaries and simply listen. Listening is a skill that many people lack, but one that should be cultivated. You showcase yours best by example.


Little changes can reap big rewards. Collect rain from your rooftop in a barrel or redirect your drain spout to refresh the garden. Any bit of conservation counts today, especially as the weather heats up.


Set a couple of specific times during the day to read emails. While you're at it, train your coworkers and associates that email, not instant messaging, is your preferred method of communication. Your concentration will improve without the distraction of new texts every few minutes.


Live to work or work to live? How you balance money with your home life could get bound up in the expectation of others. Ultimately, the price you pay for your decisions is yours to negotiate. Sipping sweet tea on your veranda will help bring your spirit to a quiet place of evaluation. Making a pro-con list is a good next step toward a conclusion.


A day for the birds can be a good day indeed. Hanging a bird feeder or setting up a birdbath outside an often-used door or window gives you and your home a visual connection to the outdoors.

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Creating a home together may also be about creating wealth to ensure financial freedom. A share of stock is a share of the business. You and your partner should research a company's strong points prior to investing.


You will have romance even if you have to lead your significant other to it the hard way. Throw flower petals all over your bed a la Lady Chatterley's lover before you lead your partner up the stairs tonight.


You hang your keys up the minute you get in but you use your cell phone throughout the evening. If you start a habit today of charging it each night, you will be ready to receive the text from your teen that says, 'I kissed my first boy.' Be happy about the kind of relationship you have with her.


Not all that twinkles is starlight. To an unknown race of beings, the light of our planet might be the brightest star in one of their constellations. Turn your garden into a wonderland at night with hanging lights that blend with the starry night sky.


Maximize the efficiency of your central air conditioning by investing in timers. Set the temperatures you determine appropriate for the time of day and night.


You will know when to ask for help today. Receive it graciously. Small sprays of leaves support the flowers in a vase upon your nightstand.


The cherry tomato you toss to your dog may lead to his chomping down on the tomatoes on the vines. Stick to tennis balls as you pay attention to man's best friend today. Don't give your dog a taste for vegetables until the end of the growing season.

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