Your Daily FinanceScope for May 16, 2022

·3 min read

The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


The path to pick is increasingly less clear when all roads seem to lead to the red. You can't pull in your karmic chits, but you can get some inner assurance knowing they're in the bank. Relax.


Being part of a group has its advantages, but not financial ones today. It's time for you to go solo. Avoid investment strategies that are geared toward the masses, and choose more way out approaches.


If you are filled with frustration, then communication how you feel should be put off until another day. But on the other hand, if you're dreaming about things changing for the better, then share your investor confidence.


Having your finger on the pulse, being in tune with others -- call it what you want, but you've got what it takes to dump the losers and invest in the winners today, as long as you trust your intuition.


No matter how much research you do, something in your gut will tell you not to invest. It's a good day to keep your financial dealings to a minimum, even if the numbers are enticing.

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Money moves at the pace it wants, so don't bother starting any new projects. Nothing can make you a profit, no matter how many details you analyze or how many ingredients you throw into the pot.


Don't get upset if things don't progress in real life the way they do in your imaginings. Keep your head down and remind yourself of the basics: you'll make a profit in the long run, not the short-term.


Stop being so deadly serious. The best way to turn a buck today is to do it playfully. Pretend you're a magician at a children's party, and pull some profits out of your hat with a wave of your wand.


Strange how hard it is to get revved up to start the day lately. You're missing your surrogate cup of coffee: profit. But the only way to make even a small one is to get your feet on the ground, so get moving.


You may be tempted to get a little creative, but don't. Here's an important truth you won't learn in school: you can write the beginning and the middle, but you can't write the end. Stay on the up and up.


Don't overspend. That goes for you, and anyone else who has access to the cookie jar. Joint assets need to be especially guarded today, and that job falls on you.


The financial pressure is on. You deserve a break but you might not get one. Whether it's eating a gourmet meal or getting a massage, be sure to treat yourself well, if only in your dreams.

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