Your Daily FinanceScope for May 14, 2022

·2 min read

The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


You wouldn't have had to be a visionary to see what was coming. A bit of common sense would have done the trick. But now that you've learned how important the future is, start focusing on it.


You're not the only one feeling like you're going nuts. But acting on that kind of weirdness is just not called for. Get a grip on yourself before you rename the phenomenon: going financial.


Someone radically different will appear at this time -- you. Your circumstances have radically changed, and how well you roll with the punches will determine future profits.


Money is once again at the root of an issue. Responding in intellectual ways is definitely more profitable than getting all emotional. But when it comes to figuring out a real solution, the overly cerebral approach is too much of a good thing.


Being patient isn't helping for a change. You have to do more than just sit back and wait for circumstances to adjust. If you can't come up with ways to move forward financially, the least you should do is think laterally.

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You have enough in the bank to buy yourself some wiggle room. Do a bit of experimenting with your investments, as long as you keep the bulk of your money in the tried and true.


It takes some creativity to make ends meet these days. Take it one step further and enjoy the sensation. Once you get the hang of it, you can have a lot of fun thinking outside the budgetary box.


Calling it shell shock is a bit much, but what you're going through isn't easy. With all the financial jolts you've been experiencing, the last thing you need is an unexpected outburst at home. Keep calm.


If you want to invest in the next big thing, you have to start doing some exploring. Put out some feelers by talking to perfect strangers, then keep an open mind.


Don't be duped by someone's rosy vision. If it seems like a scam, it probably is. If it doesn't take hard work, it's not a good plan for the future.


Where has all the excitement gone? It seems to have been replaced with dumbfounded dread. You can't bring back yesterday, but you can still generate some of its ambition, if not its former glory.


It's not the best time to give yourself a break by looking at your books, but you might not have any other choice. Spend the day daydreaming about future profits.

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