Your Daily FinanceScope for August 01, 2021

·4 min read

The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


When it comes to spending money, something just makes you feel uneasy. You'd have to be unusually introspective to figure out what inner turmoil is causing your discomfort, and the bottom line is that it's good for your budget. So don't waste time naval gazing about money. Simply leave home without it.


You're not feeling anything even remotely resembling passion when it comes to money. You could almost take it or leave it. In fact, you would leave it if it weren't for those nagging bills and the need for a roof over your head. Your desire to increase your wealth will return with a bit of time and patience. Think of it like a long marriage and endure the dry spell.


You don't have any insight into what makes you tick, much less what makes the market tick. And without that certain feeling, you're better off not risking your money. No matter how much more calculating you do, without your heart in it, your money is out.


You're too shell shocked to do anything risky with your nest egg. You'd almost rather your money were under the mattress where you could keep a close eye on it. But a princess you are not, so don't kid yourself that you'd notice if it were growing or shrinking there. Let yourself get involved, but cautiously.


You can spend all of your emotional currency protecting yourself against phantom intruders or you could use it more productively. If you think rationally about the chances of being victimized, you should be able to sigh with relief. And if that doesn't do the trick, look for cryptic signs from the universe: No one is after your money today.

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The ebb and flow of money are a mystery to you. Aren't you even the tiniest bit curious as to its cause? The universe is trying to communicate its reasons to you, but you've got your eyes closed and your ears plugged. If you had paid more attention, you'd be rich by now.


Your inner struggle is between keeping everything to yourself and giving away the shirt off your back. It's almost as if you don't realize there is a healthy middle ground. Not only do you not have to worry about those kinds of drastic changes, but there's no need to hurry any of the financial decisions to be made. Relax.


Without people, there is no money. So don't kid yourself by thinking you can continue pushing people away and still attract cash like some kind of financial magnet. Spend the day mending fences instead of burning bridges if you want to see a rebirth of your profitability.


Your subconscious is active but it's not your imagination that's running in overdrive. Your moodiness is being fueled by old images that are floating before your inner projector. The shadow puppets are actually pulling your strings. You're better off alone than out and about, where you're bound to reach for your wallet for no apparent reason.


It's a bit late for making a major decision, but better late than never. You may have to pay a bit more for dragging your feet, but the penalties will be much worse if you continue to dawdle. Don't waste any more time mulling over the details. You know that's really only more procrastination.


Your financial race to the finish line may have slowed but you know the constants in life are still at your heels. Death and taxes never run out of steam, it seems. If they do nothing but inspire you to continue moving forward, then they will have proven themselves to be socially useful. Let them be your muse.


Whether you're a big fish in a little pond or just one of the guppies, it's time to get your ducks in order. That big, gray triangle you see on the horizon is swimming your way and to the tune of a popular movie. It's never too late to go over your business dealings extra carefully.

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