Your Daily Couples Horoscope for January 28, 2022

·3 min read

Communication is key in any relationship, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Our daily couple horoscope can help you find what’s been lost and maintain that spark!


You two don't need to bring sexy back. When it comes to your relationship, sexy never left the premises! Fun, flirty astral energy brings your focus back to your relationship. Right where it belongs.


A little cushion when it comes to boundaries gives you and your partner more room for pushing each other to heights you didn't know you could reach. Cut yourselves some slack. Mistakes are normal.


Your sense of humor is one of the greatest things about you. You know that every circumstance in life has a funny angle. This quirky perspective makes your partner love you more than ever (if that's possible).


Be fully present in your relationship. Sure, during this journey you may encounter some bumps and bruises, but you may also enjoy periods of giddiness, complete satisfaction, and happiness. Seems like it's worth the risk!


Step aside? How could you? Attention naturally gravitates to you, especially now. Greater concerns, however, could be occupying your partner's mind and heart. Be considerate and dial it down.

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It's great that you're deep in thought about ways to improve your relationship, but remember that periods of relaxation are just as important. A little frivolity might be just the thing to help your romance along.


Be grateful for your family. They showed you what love could be (or what you didn't want it to be). In a way, they led you to your partner. You're glad for their guidance and what you've learned from them.


New friends and business connections put just the right amount of spark in your engine. Your partner understands that you need to mix and mingle even if it means putting yourself in unusual situations.


Sometimes it feels as if life is moving a little too fast, especially when all you and your partner want is some time together. If you exercise your creativity, you can find a way to get it done and be together too.


Increase your store of good karma and step in where your partner needs you before they even ask. While you might resent this at first, you'll soon realize that you're making a valuable contribution.


Coming to terms with the reality of your relationship rather than the fantasy of it can be strange, especially if the reality is much more rewarding than your imagination. Lucky you!


Your partner loves how emotive and sensitive you are, but even they might be surprised by this latest tempest in a teacup. Learn to distinguish between what's really worth fighting for and what's better left alone.

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