Your Daily Couples Horoscope for February 02, 2023

Communication is key in any relationship, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Our daily couple horoscope can help you find what’s been lost and maintain that spark!


Virtue is its own reward, yes, but lately you've been gritting your teeth and being virtuous when you know that it's your partner's turn to step up. Say something! Don't be a martyr.


Taking your partner's words at face value means you could miss out on a whole other level of communication. You're giddy with love, so let your natural inclinations draw you closer to the truth at your own speed.


The easiest, simplest solution is generally the best tactic in the long run. Why plan an over-the-top enterprise when a quick fix will resolve the situation just as well and with much less fuss?


Temptation beckons, and you're finding it tough to resist the call. No wonder! It seems as if pressure has been mounting, and that isn't even counting the pressure you two put on yourselves.


There's a strong push/pull vibe going on in your relationship today, but there's no need to worry. This can brighten your situation, especially if you talk to your partner about what's going on with you.

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When you act in haste, the solution can end up being worse than the so-called problem. When you manage your impatience more skillfully, you see positive results. Allow the situation to evolve, then take action.


Is your self-esteem affecting your relationship? Look closely at how you're relating to your partner. Which patterns from the past are you repeating? Are you giving and receiving exactly what you need?


Everyone brings some baggage to a relationship. But it's important to make sure yours is the carry-on kind for the most part. That means knowing what you're carrying with you at all times.


Every relationship is a dance. In this dance, however, you take turns leading and following. It also helps to switch up the routine occasionally. And strut your stuff in front of a crowd every now and then.


Monitoring the vital stats of a relationship is important to maintaining its health, but you can sometimes spend too much time worrying about stuff that may not exist. Take a breather.


Hard work makes big concepts a reality. Now the question is what do you and your partner want to make concrete? Talk it over. A few surprising facts may come to light in the course of the conversation.


Accentuate the positive to eliminate the negative. That doesn't mean you have to sugarcoat everything, but it helps your relationship when you focus on what you're doing right before you talk about what needs work.

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