Your Daily CatScope for September 25, 2023

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


You suffer from frustration even more than most cats, which is saying a lot! Today brings a new wrinkle, because you might be totally obsessed with something that you just can't quite reach.


You may be surprised by how compassionate one of your furry friends turns out to be when you hurt yourself or embarrass yourself somehow. Let them take care of you or cover up for you!


You want something new -- maybe something to climb on or maybe a dietary change of pace. Whatever it is, you've got to hope, because you can't get your desires across to the humans just yet.


It's a sweetly lazy day for you, so don't feel like you've got to get up any time soon! Just chill out and let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Today is all about what you want!


Just because something looks cool, that doesn't mean it's a good toy or that it belongs to you. Try not to get too disappointed when things start to take a tiny turn for the worse later on.

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You want to play right now, but nobody else seems up for it. Instead of getting all frustrated, try instead to just poke along and do your own thing -- someone comes along later to play.


You just can't decide what you want to do with your day and that might result in some wanderings that go nowhere or serious boredom. It's a good time for you to just chill out and let someone else call the shots.


Daydreaming feels great today, so hunker down somewhere and let your mind drift. You shouldn't have to worry about interruptions unless the other kitties start to get really feisty!


You're unable to keep track of stuff today, so try not to hoard anything -- and especially try to keep yourself from hiding anything away for later. You are sure to forget where you hid it!


No matter what is going on with the other folks in the house, you can make great progress on any feline project. Your energy is just right for moving forward, while they have to move more slowly.


You may have maxed out the limits of your humans' patience today, so try not to push them over the edge! Be on your best behavior and pretty soon they'll relax and you can get back to mischief.


You can make a big difference in someone's life today, maybe just with a well-timed purr! You should be able to intuit what's needed and how much, so go for it and enjoy the results!

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