Your Daily CatScope for August 27, 2021

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


You're in the mood to help out around the house -- though the humans might not see it that way! If they shoo you off at some point, try your best not to take it too personally. You can still help!


You're more finely tuned to sounds of all kinds, but you're not any jumpier than usual! You may hear music where the humans hear only noise or random bursts of energy, so be ready to groove!


Someone outside wants to get your attention -- or vice versa! If you get to come and go, it's easy, but otherwise, you need to remain vigilant by the window as much as you possible can.


It's much easier than usual for you to get your humans to understand your needs. Some of them are obvious -- food comes to mind -- but others are a bit more esoteric. Think hard and they'll get it!


It's a goods day to try something different, maybe conserving your energy where you've been using too much of it before. It's an odd day for fun and games, as you'd rather relax and nap in the sun.

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See if you can get your human pals to recognize what a great job you've been doing lately at keeping the house free of vermin, or just keeping them warm and snuggly when night falls.


Try not to freak out when life gets too complicated this afternoon. It might just be one new person in the mix, or it might be a million little bits of fluff to chase, but you can handle it all!


You and your closest associates -- feline and otherwise -- are working on the same level today. It's a great time for fun and games, snuggles or even coordinated plans to wreak havoc!


Your usual impulse is to rush through everything, but today, that's not really what you want or need. Go slow, poke around, play lazily with your friends and see where it all takes you.


You and your big feline brain are getting in all kinds of good trouble today -- and you might learn a few secrets that nobody else knows quite yet. It's a good day to perch up high and observe.


You can relax a little more today, even if you are incredibly high strung on other days. It's a great time for you to get to know new people or other critters or to just chill out and snuggle with friends.


What's the latest project to capture your feline attention? It might be a hunt, it might be psychotherapy for a human or it might just be testing out nap spots for future use. Go for it with gusto!

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