Daewon Song's Effortlessness at Channel Street Is Something To Appreciate

Daewon Song is one of those skateboarders who can truly appeal to anyone and everyone—whether they skate or not. His talent is unmatched, but his creativity is what has always set him apart. And these days are certainly no different.

If you've ever skated Channel Street, you know how tough this place can be, too. It takes some quick thinking to get rad on that tight transition, but to see those who can do it (with unreal flow like this) is always a treat. Take a look:

Literally, from start to finish, you just never know what to expect from this dude. And these days, that approach is quite a breath of fresh air. Even the way he fakie manuals out of the pivot fakie... didn't see that coming. But at the same time, I'm not surprised! As always, it's just a quick clip that I think we can all appreciate.

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The best part is, he's clearly still just out there having fun exactly like he always has. In the caption he asks, "Why the pose and this face?" Because sometimes a line like that just gets you stoked. So my question is: Why not!?

Nobody does it like Daewon.

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