Dad's strict cell phone rules embarrass teen daughter: 'It's creepy and invasive'

A parent forced his 17-year-old daughter’s friend to follow the strict cell phone rules that their family follows, and it didn't end well. The parent told their story to Reddit’s Am I The A******* page. The poster shared that they have three kids, who are 17, 15, and 8 years old. “The rules are that they are not allowed to have their phone in the bedroom alone or bathroom during any time of the day,” . “and at night they bring us (me and their dad) their phones and we lock them up” . Recently, the oldest daughter had a friend over for a sleepover and she was expected to follow the same rules. But the friend was uncomfortable, and wanted her phone to text her mom before bed. But the poster said that if she didn’t want to hand her phone over, she would have to go home. When the girl's mom arrived to pick her daughter up, she called the rules “creepy” and “invasive”. Almost all of the comments agreed that the stern parent went way too far. “YTA. That 17-year-old is gonna resent you for being so [damn] strict but yeah you are not in charge of other kids’ phones,” said the top response