Dads immediately break down when they see their newborn daughter

In honor of Pride Month, a father has shared the emotional moment he and his husband first laid eyes on their baby girl — and TikTok is collectively weeping. Ben Ptashinsky, known online as @equity.ben, is an actor, singer, comedian, and author, widely-known for his Disney sing-along performances. Recently, he's gone viral for his heartwarming video — which he's entitled, "Acceptance Through Visibility". Filmed four years ago on his daughter's birth, Ben says he's sharing the footage now in honor of Pride Month. "Happy Pride! Please don’t forget all the POC and trans who fought for our freedoms today. I’m so thankful I get to be a parent," Ben wrote in the comments. In the caption of his powerful video, Ben writes, "I was able to be at the birth of my daughter. That moment I knew parenthood was thicker than blood". In response to Ben's video, TikTokers around the world are flooding his comments with love, praise, and a lot of emotion!. "Great now I’m sobbing on a Tuesday morning," one person said