‘Dads Don’t Babysit’ shirt goes viral

“It’s called ‘Parenting,’” the shirt states.


(photo: National At-Home Dads Network)

Created by the National At-Home Dads Network, an online organization committed to “providing support, advocacy and education for fathers who are the primary caregivers of their children,” the shirt has quickly become an online hit with dads – and parents, in general.

“While these men are doing what used to be almost exclusively done by moms,they are not 'Mr. Mom.’ They are at-home dads,” the site explains.

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To promote this message, the series of T-shirts and baby clothes are an attempt to educate others about this very important role.

“Help the National At-Home Dad Network spread the message that a dad cannot babysit his own kids. If he’s caring for them, it’s called ‘parenting,'” says Chris Routly, President of the National At-Home Dad Network in an interview with Scary Mommy.

“Words matter, and we feel strongly that referring to fathers caring for their own child(ren) as a ‘babysitting’ only reinforces the idea that dads are secondary parents, and that caregiving is primarily the job of moms.”

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Since the shirts came out, the Internet has exploded with support for these hard-working dads.

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