Dad wears surgical cone so dog feels 'less lonely' after vet: 'We don't deserve them'

This dad and the family dog have an unexpected bond, and it’s adorable.

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Whenever anyone in the family unit wants a dog, dad usually objects first. It’s another mouth to feed and another living thing to care for — until the animal arrives. Then, suddenly, dad thinks the dog is the only one in the family who appreciates him.

The TikTok page @good.boy.ollie is all about one family’s chocolate Labrador retriever named Ollie. His pet owner couldn’t help but notice how much her dad changed his tune about Ollie over the years.

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“Not my dad wearing a cone to make my dog feel less lonely after his surgery,” she wrote in the video caption.

The father sat on the couch with the dog nestled next to him. He even had his arm around Ollie’s body. It would have otherwise been an ordinary scene between man and man’s best friend. However, he and Ollie both had cones wrapped around their necks like upside-down lampshades. Now that’s some serious bonding.

“I swear, it’s always the dads who didn’t want a dog that end up loving them the most,” the caption continued.

“Ollie had a little surgery to remove a lump from his eyelid. This was a few weeks ago, and he’s now doing great,” the pet owner added in the comment section.

The touching video received over 4 million views on TikTok.

“My dad didn’t want a cat, and now he pays more attention to her than his blood family,” a user commented.

“My dad said no dog for years. We got one last year. Yesterday, he was giving it a bubble bath in the bathtub,” another wrote.

“In reality, the dog is wearing a cone to make your dad feel less lonely. We don’t deserve them,” someone joked.

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