Dad transforms trunk into hidden diaper changing station: 'This is a game changer, wow!'

A husband has gone viral for turning his car's trunk into a diaper changing station — and TikTok thinks it's genius. Posted by mom @m_ekg, the super popular diaper changing hack has been viewed over 500K times, and hundreds of TikTokers have left comments in praise of the clever idea. As Mom explains in her video, her husband made this brilliant diaper changing station for their baby. She explains in the caption that they were tired of changing their baby's diaper in "dirty bathrooms" while shopping . Neatly hidden away beneath the floor of the car (so no storage space is lost in their trunk), Dad's diaper station is fully-loaded ... ... with a comfortable bassinet, clean diapers, and baby wipes. TikTok parents leapt into the comments of this video to sing their praises. "I love this! I cannot tell you how many times when we have been traveling that gas stations don’t have changing tables!" one user wrote