Dad styles baby girl’s hair to pay homage to traditional African hairstyles: ‘Her smile is everything’

In honor of Black History Month, one dad gave his little girl a traditional African hairstyle, and the footage is melting TikTok’s heart.

Terrell and Jarius Joseph are two dads who are “all about normalizing LGBTQ+ parenting and redefining what marriage and family looks like.”

Knowing how important representation and visibility are, the proud parents document their family life across TikTok and Instagram, sharing sweet moments of their two children, Ashton and Aria.

In 2021, one such moment gained over 1.8 million views and over 200,000 likes on TikTok — and now, the adorable video is making the rounds again.

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In the video’s caption, Jarius explains that, in honor of Black History Month, he and then-3-year-old Aria decided they would pay homage to a traditional African hairstyle: Bantu knots.

According EBONY, Bantu knots are a hairstyle that can be dated back to at least 1898.

“Bantu knots also are known as Zulu knots because the Zulu people, a Bantu ethnic group, are the originators of the look we love and wear today,” the branded content editor for NaturallyCurly, Gerilyn Hayes, told EBONY.

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Bantu knots, considered a protective hairstyle, have “become an outward manifestation of our love and acceptance for ourselves,” according to an EBONY writer. “Not only do they symbolize our rich history, but they also represent the pride that so many of us carry in our hearts as a salute to all those who came before us.”

For Jarius, Bantu knots were a style he was “nervous” to try, according to a response he wrote to a TikTok comment.

But judging by all the positive feedback he received — and Aria’s big, happy smile — this proud father clearly did an amazing job.

“She’s so cute and you did such a great job!” lauded a user.

“Dads doing their daughters’ hair is the cutest content,” wrote one user. “She looks beautiful!”

“She is so precious! Her smile lights up the literal world,” another user commented.

According to Terrell and Jarius, their mission in life is to “inspire people, bring them joy, and make [them] laugh” — and it’s clear their sweet videos are doing just that!

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