Dad sparks family drama with 'childish' punishment for 10-year-old daughter

McDonald’s is driving a wedge between one family. A father took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he was wrong for withholding Mickey D’s from his daughter. The daughter wasn't happy with the chores her father had asked her to complete. Then on his way home from work, the dad wanted to pick up his daughter’s favorite fast food. But since she was still mad at him, she kept ignoring and declining his calls. “I could have sent her a message instead but with that attitude, I figured she didn’t need any McDonald’s and so only bought myself a set,” the man wrote. “After dinner, my wife told me that I was being childish to not buy for my daughter as we both know that she loves McDonald’s” . In the end, Reddit users did not approve of the 10-year-old’s behavior. “This isn’t even a punishment, this was a natural consequence of your daughter’s actions,” one user wrote