Dad sparks debate after sharing his daughter's 'selfish' college choice

The father of a soon-to-be high school grad is sparking a widespread parenting debate after sharing his unhappiness with his daughter’s post-grad wishes.

The dad, who shared his story on the Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum.

explained why he felt his daughter was “selfish” for wanting to attend an Ivy League school.

“She is understandably over the moon,” the father said of his 18-year-old, who was accepted into Harvard.

despite his own pride

over the teen’s achievement, .

he believed she should stay closer to her parents

and attend a much cheaper — but still “great” — university in the family’s home state.

The dad also noted that his younger daughter, who is 12, would be “robbed” of guidance from her older sister.

His daughter, meanwhile, felt that argument was irrelevant, as her parents were not planning to pay for her education.

His reasoning seemed to divide parents and college-aged commenters alike.

“No offense but sounds like you guys are

being selfish and should let her make

her own choice,” one user commented