Dad shows off 8th son on TikTok: 'When your wife thought she'd have a girl one day!'

TikTok couple, That_Rosario_Life (@that_rosario_life), just had their 8th son and they couldn’t be happier. The couple recently posted a video to celebrate their son’s birth and show off their growing family. The video also poked a little bit of fun at the baby boy’s mom, who according to the video caption, “thought she’d have a girl one day”. The video begins with the father gently cradling his newborn son. He looks into the camera with a bit of a smirk. Moments later, more children begin pouring into the room. First, one boy struts in, carrying a toddler on his back. Soon after, several more kids dance onto the scene. All of the boys wear matching outfits and t-shirts that read, “Best Kid Ever,” and they all seem absolutely ecstatic about their new baby brother. “When they become teenagers [you] may need to move into the grocery store,” one Tiktoker joked