Dad realizes what it’s really like to watch the kids alone: ‘My wife is unmatched’

This hilarious dad finally understands all that his wife goes through when she’s home with the kids.

TikToker @ayolarro showed his appreciation for the household’s matriarch in the funniest way. In a skit called “POV: Dad of the Year,” the father sends his wife out for some personal time shopping. He assures her that he’ll take care of everything, only to barrage her with phone calls every few minutes.

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“Hey, baby, do the kids eat lunch?” he asked his wife. “They do. What if they didn’t? Hey, baby, what you put these chicken fries on in the microwave? What’s an air fryer?”

“Hey, baby, I don’t know how to work the air fryer, so I made them this mac and cheese. Huh? That’s for dinner? You already told me that?”

“Hey, baby, what time do you take a nap? Huh? You don’t know what that is? Hey, baby, the kids won’t leave me alone. They keep saying, ‘Daddy, watch this. Daddy, watch this.’ I promise, if your daughter does one more cartwheel, I’m gonna blow a gasket.”

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“Hey, baby. Oh, you on your way home? Thank the Lord. Hmm? Is the house clean? It will be.”

“My wife is unmatched,” the final caption read.

People in the comment section could definitely relate to the couple’s dynamic in the sketch.

“Most men think ‘mom’ is living the life UNTIL they have to do our daily routine. But why my husband can’t work the air fryer either,” a user commented.

“My husband can take a computer apart with his eyes closed, but God forbid I ask him to use the air fryer without giving him step-by-step instructions,” another said.

“The calls or texts every half hour! But kudos to recognizing mom needs a day to herself!” a person wrote.

“If this ain’t the realest thing I done seen today,” a TikToker replied.

“I think my kids’ dad could never relate so hard,” someone added.

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