Dad pranks his wife by dressing exactly like his toddler for a shopping trip

This TikTok dad decided to dress like his toddler and record his wife’s reaction! Then, the father-son duo went on a shopping trip together while dressed identically!

Steven and Ashley (@happilyevansafterr) are TikTokers and parents who share hilarious parenting videos along with sweet videos of their toddler son, Abriel. In a recent video, Steven decided to prank Ashley by dressing exactly like Abriel and recording her response. Steven had so much fun wearing a matching outfit with his son, he even decided to take him on a shopping trip while the two were dressed identically!

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The video begins with a shot of Abriel wearing a red and white varsity jacket and blue sports pants with white stripes. The stylish toddler, who Steven explains picked out his own clothes, also wears a pair of swim trunks decorated with sharks on top of his pants. On his feet, he wears black boots.

“Dressing like my toddler to get my wife’s reaction!” a caption reads.

In the next shot, Steven walks up to Abriel who looks up at his dad in excitement. “Should we do it?” Steven asks.

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“Yeah!” Abriel replies, giving his dad a high five.

Then, together, Abriel and Steven enter the living room where Ashley is sitting on the couch reading a book. Ashley looks up and notices the father-son duo for the first time. “Oh my god!” she exclaims.

“We missed fashion Friday,” Steven says, as his wife starts to giggle.

“Do you like my outfit?” Steven then asks Abriel. “You inspired it!”

Abriel giggles and grabs his dad’s hand.

Then, in the next shot, Abriel and Steven are at a home goods store together. Abriel rides on his dad’s shoulders and, for the first time, the matching outfits can be seen. Steven wears a red hoodie, sweatpants, and boxer shorts over his sweatpants. Like Abriel, he also wears black boots.

Of course, there are subtle differences between the father and son’s outfits. Instead of sharks, Steven’s shorts are decorated with pink fish. And while Abriel’s sports pants are blue and white, Steven’s are grey. Still, the father-son duo are well coordinated, and obviously having a great time shopping together!

The video ends with Steven and Abriel wandering through the store together with their matching outfits.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable matching father-son duo!

Parenting done right!” applauded one viewer.

“This is so sweet and wholesome, I’m gonna cry!” wrote another viewer.

“You guys look friggin fabulous,” commented another TikToker.

Steven and Abriel are certainly eye-catching in their matching outfits!

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