Dad nails hack for wearing out your toddler at the airport: ‘Work smarter not harder’

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This TikTok parent shared a hilariously clever hack for wearing out your toddler out at the airport before a flight, and TikTokers are offering their sincere thanks.

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Kiley Freeman (@mamastayup) is a mom of two and TikToker who shares videos of her kids and husband, professional basketball player Allerik Freeman. In a hilarious video, Kiley shared Allerik’s brilliantly simple hack for wearing their toddler out before a flight, so that they’ll be calm on the airplane. The hack? Make your toddler take a stroll along a moving walkway — only in the opposite direction!

The video begins with a shot of the interior of an airport. People stroll along, looking for their gates, while in the background, several people can be seen walking along a moving walkway. “POV: How to wear out your one year old before your flight,” the caption reads.

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Then the camera zooms in to show Allerik and his 1-year-old, Josiah, strolling along the moving walkway. The dad wears a gray hoodie, shorts and sneakers, while the toddler sports a bright red T-shirt. Josiah walks determinately, as though in a rush, while Allerik strolls behind him.

The dad and son walk for a moment before something surprising becomes clear: They’re not making any forward progress! They are walking the wrong direction on the moving walkway. The 1-year-old’s short legs carry him at the exact same speed as the moving walkway, causing him to walk in place as if he were on a treadmill.

Fortunately for Allerik, Josiah doesn’t seem to notice he’s not moving forward. The toddler simply sucks on his pacifier and continues walking, unconcerned about his lack of forward momentum. The video ends with several people passing the father-son duo on the walkway, headed in the opposite direction.

Kudos to this parenting hack

Viewers applauded the brilliant parenting hack.

“Work smarter not harder,” one viewer joked.

“He looks so proud of himself for going somewhere, but he’s hardly moved!” another TikToker commented.

“Everyone on your flight thanks you for your service,” wrote another viewer.

If you’ve ever struggled to get your toddler to relax on an airplane, this simple hack might be worth trying!

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