Dad Makes Mad Dash Back to His House After Forgetting Newborn Son

A London dad who was running late for a family Sunday lunch he’d booked was so focused on the “succulent lamb roast” that awaited him, he forgot one thing as he rushed from the house – his two-month-old son.

Ben Anderson, known online as The Diary of a Dad, had planned to meet his wife and their three older children after they went out earlier. All he had to do was get himself and little Otis there.

“I lost track of the time and ended up running a bit late. All I could think of was that succulent lamb roast that I was going to devour. As I was about to pull out the drive, I suddenly remembered something,” Anderson wrote on Instagram.

CCTV he posted shows him preparing to leave his driveway, before he remembers Otis and dashes back in to collect him. Credit: Ben Anderson/@thediaryofadad via Storyful