Dad-to-be is horrified by balloon lesson on labor and delivery

A dad-to-be just got a balloon crash course in labor and delivery, and his hilarious reaction has TikTok cracking up. Bryce, known on TikTok as @kbfamily, explains in the now-viral video that his wife is due in 7 weeks. In order to prepare himself for the birth, the nervous dad recorded a duet with high school teacher Brooke (@brookeebernal), . whose balloon lesson on labor and delivery is a viral marvel in its own right. In Brooke's lesson, she explains that the balloon represents the uterus, birth canal, and cervix — and that the ping pong ball represents the baby. By squeezing the balloon, Brooke demonstrates how contractions move the baby down into the birth canal, dilating the cervix. As Bryce watches the balloon demonstration, his mouth drops open, and his eyes widen in terror. By the time the ping pong baby shoots from the balloon, Bryce is in full-blown horror — much to the entertainment of TikTokers everywhere