Dad forces passenger on flight to move after she complains about his baby: ‘I had enough’

A father is second-guessing his choice to make a woman move back to her seat on a plane.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. During a flight that was 70% full, a woman sat in the empty seat in front of his 1-year-old. The problem is that his 1-year-old likes to kick out his legs.

The woman became upset that the baby was hitting her seat. No matter how much the father tried to soothe his son, the 1-year-old behaved like a baby. He told her he could not move his son because the child’s car seat required a window seat.

He asked the woman if she could sit somewhere else, but she called the flight attendant, who scolded the father.

“Finally I had enough and told the flight attendant that the woman wasn’t in her assigned seat and that the situation would be resolved if she had to move back to her assigned seat,” the dad wrote.

The flight attendant made the woman go back to her seat, and she was not happy.

“I was at my witts end by the time it was all resolved because nothing I did was working to make it an amicable resolution. In the end as she huffed her way passed us I quipped ‘have fun in the back,'” he wrote.

Redditors felt the woman was the source of the issue.

“None of this would be an issue if she had sat in her assigned seat to BEGIN with,” a user said.

“She CHOSE to sit there. She could’ve picked any one of the available seats,” another wrote.

“She moved to that seat. Her choice. Her problem,” someone added.

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