Dad films the 'best part of his day' when he picks up his little girls from school

TikTok dad Chase Mattson is a father to two little girls with his wife Kelianne Stankus. Mattson vlogs about his family to his 2.2 million TikTok followers and 56,000 YouTube subscribers. He posts about trips to Disney theme parks, teaching his girls to skateboard and general dad life. Back in January, Mattson shared a now-viral video about the “best part” of his day. The father went to retrieve his two daughters from school and recorded their reactions. First, his older daughter Hazel spotted him. “Daddy,” Hazel screamed as she gleefully ran up to him. Then his youngest daughter saw him and had the same enthusiasm. She ran up to Mattson and gave him a big hug. “Hi, baby!” the father exclaimed in return. The video ended with the two sisters holding hands as they walked to the car, their father looking on. TikTok was pretty moved by the touching video. It received over 1.4 million likes. “I think this is the sweetest dad ever, it’s so cute,” a user commented. “I love this. So heartwarming,” one person said