Dad catches twin toddlers sleeping the exact same way in adorable TikTok

A father captured the heartwarming moment his twin boys fell asleep exactly the same way.

The TikTok page @amir_amari is all about the twin toddlers Amir and Amari. The boys are being raised by their single father, who has custody of them and co-parents with their mother. One day their dad was about to get them ready for nap time, but they were already asleep.

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“I want to show y’all something,” @amir_amari wrote. “It’s 11:42 a.m. I was in my room, like, ‘Dang, they’re quiet. So I was about to get up so they can go take a nap. Check this out.”

The father showed footage of the twin boys. They had both fallen asleep in their play area in near-identical positions. Amir and Amari, donning nothing but diapers, had plopped down into a blanket on their bellies. Their arms were raised above their heads and feet tucked under them.

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The dad was smitten and credited the fact that they “sleep the same way” with their “twin bond.” He also added in the caption a message to new parents, “routine routine routine it will pay off,” alluding to the fact the boys instantly fell asleep around nap time.

TikTokers found the twin brother’s special bond moving.

“They couldn’t wait! lol But that they are both sleeping in identical positions… that’s funny,” a user commented. The father replied, “It happens all the time.”

“The bond between twins is amazing!” another wrote.

“Yes, my twins did the same thing! They are 23 now and still have the same gestures!” someone added.

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