Dad has 'best method' to burp a baby: 'a whole other level of genius'

Tory is the one-year-old "CEO of Chubby Cheeks" on TikTok. His parents share clips of his growth and development, from haircuts to nap time. In 2020, Tory's father gave a masterclass on how to properly burp his baby boy. "This is the best method to make a baby burp," the father said. "You just pick him up and look him right in the eyes, 'are you ready to burp, my friend'". Next, he placed Tory upright on his lap. Then, he made an L-shape with his thumb and index finger. He leaned Tory forward and rested the baby's chin on the L. The father gently patted his son's back. "When you're hitting on the back, don't go too high on the back. Go a little bit low, just above his tailbone," he advised. "It doesn't have to be too hard. You can also give him a little bit of a rub on the back”. Just as the dad began to rub Tory's back, the baby boy let out a huge belch. The father exclaimed, "wow”. "This baby is [a] whole other level of cute. This dad is a whole other level of genius," one user wrote