Dachshund's First Time at 'Big Boy' Daycare Is Too Cute to Miss

The first day of doggie daycare is sure to be a mix of emotions for a young pup. He gets to be away from home with other dogs, but at the same time, it can be a little scary because he’s so new and doesn’t know anyone.

That was the case for Lincoln, a longhaired Dachshund who was experiencing his first day of doggie daycare. He seems so shy at first and is just sitting on the sidelines while all of the other dogs run around him playing.

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But then, he gets a brave streak and starts to approach the other dogs. He’s so shy, and won’t stop wagging his tail. What a cutie pie!

Lincoln manages to make a few friends during the video, and we couldn’t be prouder of him! Each of the dogs welcomed him warmly, and then little Lincoln was ready to play! He was hopping around from dog to dog saying hello.

It’s clear that the person behind the camera is trying to help Lincoln feel more comfortable. They played with him for a little bit until he was ready to run off with the other dogs. He looks so carefree and full of joy!

We are impressed that Lincoln managed to make some friends at doggie daycare. At first, it looked as if he was just going to spend the entire time there as a wallflower. Luckily, he jumped out of his shell and he ended up having so much fun.

Lincoln is bound to become the most popular pup at doggie daycare now that he’s comfortable with everything. He’s so social and friendly with the other dogs, and he’s bound to make a ton of friends there. He’s going to be one tired pup when he goes home—which is just what doggie daycare is all about.

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