Dachshund Sisters Gang Up on Brother in Adorable Girl-Powered Standoff

These girls have their sister's back!

There's nothing like a little girl power to kick start a gal's confidence, right? Dachshund Sophie knows exactly how this feels after her sisters had her back in an 'argument' with their fur brother. The three girls stuck together like glue when Louie started getting sassy, and their owner caught the whole thing on tape.

In the video from @a_double.l_i_e's account, queen bee Sophie has it out with her brother while her girls take up the rear. They may have been ganging up on poor Louie for some unknown reason, but the girl power is too fabulous to resist.

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You tell him, Sophie! We have no idea what Louie did to get all three girls so riled up, but we're glad that the sisters stuck together through it all.

"I can hear the back dog’s yelling 'OH NO HE DIDN’T SOPHIE GETTEM GIRL,'" said commenter @nosoph0bia. LMAO--that's exactly what we imagined, too! This girl squad certainly has a lot to say to Mr. Louie, but "he needs to be reminded whose house it is." @User4425616311704 was totally on point with that comment!

"Light skinned mamma got all the sass," @vanessamathe_ wrote. "She’s giving ring leader purr." Yes, ma'am, she is! Having her girls by her side is giving her all the confidence she needs to stand up to her brother, and we're here for it. So are all of her new TikTok fans!

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