D.L. Hughley Calls Mo'Nique A "Monster" As Recent Feud Continues

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Photo:  Ga Fullner (Shutterstock)
Photo: Ga Fullner (Shutterstock)

As the public dispute between comedians D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique continues to play out on the social media stage, it would now appear that even children aren’t off limits. As we reported in May, the two stars found themselves at odds over a contract that Mo’Nique interpreted as her being confirmed to headline a Fox Theater comedy show in Detroit. While it is now being stated by close watchers of the case as well as mutual industry friends that Mo’ could have been incorrect in her interpretation (and that the folks she should actually be hot with is her management), the beef goes on. The feud has now spilled over into a new month with new shots fired, as there has most recently been a mention of Hughley’s daughter’s sexual trauma by Mo’Nique.

On June 3, the “Precious” actor posted footage from an interview of Hughley expressing remorse for not initially supporting his daughter after she made a claim of being sexually assaulted by someone he knew.

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“My youngest daughter said that it was something that happened to her, and because it was somebody I liked, I didn’t believe her,” he said to Sway on his Sirius XM radio show. “And I’ll never get that back.”

Mo”Nique captioned the post by saying: “(This is based upon DL’s own words that you just heard.) @realdlhughley When I said “how can DL’s wife suck the d**k of a coward”, this is what I meant.”

After Hughley had initially said that he was done going back and forth with his comedic counterpart, he returned to the fight via Instagram after what he referred to as “the final straw” and “last breath I’ll waste on a monster so HEINOUS, they would try to open a wound and weaponize a young woman’s past personal trauma.” The Soul Plane star posted a five minute video in response to Mo’Nique. In the video he stated the following:

“I know I said that I had done all I could here about this whole Mo’Nique situation but over the weekend her and her husband released a video where I was doing an interview and I detailed my daughter’s sexual trauma. “Mo’Nique has taken that video and perverted it for her own uses. She decided to add her own narrative.”

“You and your husband putting a man in my daughter’s room when that is not what I said and weaponizing it and using it in a trite argument shows exactly how low you are,” Hughley continued at one point. “You are a monster. You literally are. You didn’t play Precious’ mother. You let her out. You stopped pretending to be human and you won…an Oscar for being exactly who you are. Who says they love women and are there for women…and would trod out someone’s sexual trauma just to use in an argument?”

Mo’Nique has yet to respond to Hughley’s latest comments as of the time of this entry.