Cynthia Bailey Just Posted A Thirst Trap To Celebrate Her 20-Pound Weight Loss

Korin Miller
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Fact: #QuarantineLife has been rough on pretty much every aspect of living, and apparently reality stars are slogging through it, too. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey just shared that she gained 20 pounds since the pandemic started—and then she turned around and lost it all.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Cynthia opened up about the experience while playing a game with Us Weekly called “I Can Explain,” where she talked about what was going on BTS in some of her most popular Instagram photos. This one in particular sparked a convo about her weight:

“This was after I came back from Los Angeles and honestly you can’t tell so much in there, but I actually gained 20 pounds from the quarantine and my wedding dress designers were not happy about that because now I can’t fit [in] my dress,” she said. (ICYMI: Cynthia got engaged to her boyfriend Mike Hill last July.)

Cynthia said she lost the weight once she was back in her Atlanta home.

“I was here at Lake Bailey by myself, so I was able to, kind of, control what’s in the refrigerator,” she said. “I was able to be healthy. I was able to like, you know, start exercising again and just get control over my diet and my eating.”

Here's how more of Bravo's Housewives stay fit:

Cynthia said she wasn’t “super strict” about what she ate, but she did do intermittent fasting. “I wouldn’t eat anything until, like, maybe four or five in the afternoon and I’d eat maybe one or two things,” she said. “And as you can see, it worked!”

Cynthia also did social distancing treadmill workouts at the gym, along with Mike. “We’re being careful, but at the same time, you have to get back to your life,” she said.”We need to work out … all we do is eat and work so we need it for our mental sanity.”

According to Cynthia, this bikini pic was her way of celebrating. “Of course I had celebrate and bless the world and post a little thirst trap picture of me in my two-piece because I was happy that I actually looked like how I wanted to look,” she said. “I haven’t seen a flat stomach in a long time since the quarantine.”

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