A Cyclist Rescued a Cat From the Turkey Earthquake. Now It Won't Leave His Side.

earthquake in van turkey
A Cyclist Rescued a Cat From the Turkey Earthquake1001nights - Getty Images

There’s not a lot of feel good news in the world these days, but occasionally, there are glimmers of humanity popping up in our feeds. This week, the award for ‘most heartwarming’ goes to Turkish mountain biker and firefighter Ali Cakas, who saved a black and white cat from the rubble of a collapsed building in Turkey after the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria last week.

A heartwarming story goes viral

Since then, Cakas has adopted the cat, and the internet has collectively fallen in love. The cat, renamed Enkaz (which translates to ‘rubble’), has become an international sensation, partially due to his refusal to leave his new owner's side.

Cakas has posted photos on Instagram with the cat since the rescue, and the 33-year-old and Enkaz seem to be getting quite comfortable with each other. It’s still TBD whether or not Enkaz will be spotted in a backpack riding with Cakas, but given his current internet fandom, we wouldn’t be shocked. (In addition to being a firefighter, Cakas serves as a coach for the Turkish National Team for cross-country MTB.)

He even has a dedicated Instagram with over 20 thousand followers and loads of fan art:

He’s not the only rescue worker who’s rescuing (and potentially adopting) animals, but with his mountain bike helmet and downhilling goggles worn on the sites as he works, he’s certainly the most cycling-friendly of the bunch.

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