Cyclist Admits Fault In Car Accident, Uses It As A Teachable Moment

Cars and road bikes have a tenuous relationship at best. On one hand, being a road cyclist has always been dangerous, but it has become even more so in the last 10 years as cars have gotten larger and even more prevalent. On the other, it is still on cyclists to understand the rules of the road.

Take a look at this video of a cyclist being struck by a vehicle and his take on the situation below.

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"Always wear a helmet and pay attention, I’m fine 🙏

To post or not to post…Who’s wrong? Me, there was a road on the right… and the road I was in became 'one way' and as I was testing the bike, I didn’t notice the one way sign…The driver was not on his telephone… he was just “absent” like me and took the turn the shorter he could, so no space for me to avoid him… he had 10 meters on the right side but still I wasn’t supposed to be there so it’s only me to blame…

Strangely nothing broken, maybe a subluxation… and I have a big hematoma in the shoulder (did an MRI this morning)…So in my bad luck I was really lucky…"
- The rider via Instagram

The rider here raises many good points about cycling etiquette on the road and how to not do what he did. In general, paying attention to the cars around you, signage, obeying the rules of traffic, and wearing a helmet will do a lot in the way of keeping you safe while out road riding.

We never like to see videos like this but it is important to use as a cautionary tale for other riders and to show the consequences of not using your head while you are out riding.

We are also very glad to see that no one was hurt here, it makes it much easier to learn something from the interaction.

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