Cute Chickens Celebrate Halloween by Carving a Pumpkin

These chickens are ready for spooky season!

There's nothing like visiting a pumpkin patch and going on a hayride and then selecting your perfect pumpkin to take home and carve into a jack-o-lantern. That is, if you possess the pumpkin carving skills to wield a knife and make your pumpkin's face actually look like a face. Yeah, pumpkin carving can be tricky, which is why we are so impressed with these barnyard chickens! 

@aguahediondalagoon posted a super fun video that shows her feathered friends getting into the Halloween spirit, and you won't believe what a great job these birds did! 

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Haha!We love the ending where the one chicken looks up as if to say "Mom! Mom! Did I do a good job?" And they did do a good job! @AnastasiaAlbright agrees and she posts, "Well the chickens did a great job! Better than what I would have carved!" Us too! Carving pumpkins is tricky! LOL, @Steven asks, "Is this how you get pumpkin spice eggs?" Sadly, this poster @McCallJepp had a much different (yet funny!) outcome with her chickens replying, "Our chickens just kept going! There’s just a circle and no face." Awww, sad! Maybe it is just an eyeless ghost the chickens were trying to create? 

We love seeing the fun and clever ways all you pet parents are celebrating Halloween, so keep filming these awesome videos! 

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