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The signs are everywhere in the changing weather, the dominating color schemes in stores, and the subtle inching of the radio station into familiar annual jingles: the holiday season is upon us.

Whether you’re an enterprising party planner, an enthusiastic partygoer, or even just excited to trade gifts with friends and family, you might be interested in adding some spice (pumpkin-flavored or otherwise) to your holiday plans.

VistaPrint is here to lend a helping hand, letting you customize a wide array of nifty products, tools, and accessories for your needs and those of the people close to you. Add some pizzazz to your gifting accoutrements, or customize a present with beloved memories–or as a way to mark new ones!

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The Gift of Gifts and the Gift of Time

Consider the ways you can create rich holiday memories—and capture them—with the aid of VistaPrint’s many highly customizable wares. Whether it’s the gift itself or the special touches you make to your holiday mail, there are a lot of ways to spice up that holiday spirit.

More than One Way to Remember

vistaprint wall calendars
vistaprint wall calendars

The more friends and family you have, the more dates you likely have to keep track of. But if you have to remember a bunch of birthdays and anniversaries, so do they. When you customize a wall calendar, you can have reminders printed right onto the pages with special icons to make sure no one’s special day or appointment goes forgotten.

Grab at least 12 of your favorite pictures (more if you want to make a collage), and head on over to the templates to start designing. Choose from mini, classic, or large sizes, pick a style with the font and framing that matches your vision, and start filling it in.

Whether it’s populated with your own artistic creations or filled with memorable photos, your calendar gift will help everyone remember something across the new year.

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Mugs for Your Mug

Custom Personalized Mugs
Custom Personalized Mugs

Winter is a great time to bust out the ceramic mugs for hot chocolate, coffee, or cider nights. Put your favorite photo on the side of one to relive warm memories with an equally warm drink, or find your favorite sassy saying and give the gift of laughs (along with the mug itself) when the intended party reveals it through the shredded wrapping.

Can’t think of a suitable picture for your gift mug? There are plenty of ready-made designs and templates you can choose from and customize too. Add color to the handle and inside the cup as well for that extra bit of special flair.

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Take Your Things on the Go

Personalized Duffel Bags
Personalized Duffel Bags

Have you ever had to wait at the airport bag carousel, squinting at every nigh identical black bag going by, wondering if it’s yours? Odds are someone you know has. Customize a new duffle bag for them with something distinct printed on the side—a special photo or picture, even a logo from a fake company in a show they like or a game they play—so it’s easily and immediately identifiable. Choose from three different styles (Promotional, Weekender, or Gym), set up your design, and order away!

Then, whether the recipient needs to check it into the airport bag abyss for a flight, or just wants to appreciate having a duffle branded with their favorite things, they’ll always know which one is theirs and have you to thank for it.

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Bundle Up in the Memories of Yore or the Art of Today

Custom Personalized Blankets
Custom Personalized Blankets

Cold weather usually means hunkering down for more warmth, and VistaPrint has a customizable fleece blanket to help keep you and yours as cozy as can be. Fill the design space with a collage of photos of someone’s beloved pet, favorite vacation vistas, or special memories, and wrap it up for a comfy winter surprise.

The blanket isn’t just limited to photos either. Most kids put their art on the refrigerator, but how cool would it be to see Mom and Dad make a blanket out of a family masterpiece? An enterprising artist could even draw their own pattern or design catered specifically to the giftee and bring it to life in fleece-blanket form.

Blankets come in two sizes: the standard 50” x 60” and the extra-long 50” x 80” for blanket sharing or just bundling yourself up.

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Holding Your Pictures In Hand

Custom Personalized Photo Books
Custom Personalized Photo Books

If you’d rather give something smaller or simply see records of memories right in your hands, a photo book is a great way to capture (and gift!) them.

VistaPrint’s photo books come in seven different sizes and layouts, with full-color printing and a professional hardcover binding. You can choose between matte or glossy paper, as well as a photo or linen cover.

Pick something small for a coffee-table memoir, like the 5.5” x 4” size, or go big with the 12” x 12”—a great size for sharing between two laps. It can be filled with photos of a single vacation or be an adventure album full of snapshot moments across the years; in either case, your pictures will be preserved and shareable for generations to come.

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Cards for Greetings, Meetings, and Thanks

Custom greeting cards
Custom greeting cards

A gift for a friend or family often includes a card, so why not make it yourself? Head on over to the card section with a memorable photo or handmade design and set up your own special season’s greetings in the size of your choice.

And when vacations are over and everyone is back home, you can immortalize some of your favorite memories by making a set of thank-you cards with holiday photos. Alternatively, surprise your family with a fun new set for themselves. Their woes of choosing stationery at the store will be finished, and your art or photography will soon be seen all over as cards get sent out and about.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed or indecisive about how to make your cards look special, don’t worry. Like the other products VistaPrint offers, you can communicate with a designer for help with realizing your dream.

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Put Some Clothes on Those Cards

Custom Personalized envelope design
Custom Personalized envelope design

Why not consider a custom envelope for your cards too? A great complement to a custom-wrapped gift is a special card, but the card itself isn’t the only thing you can put a photo on.

Rather than writing names on the envelopes, how about a picture of the intended recipient? It can be fun for the young ones to hunt down their own faces, and it can help mitigate the “bifocal slide” for people who may prefer to test their prescriptions as little as possible.

For friends and family getting a card in the mail, imagine their surprise when they open their mailbox and see…themselves? Or perhaps even a picture of you, the sender, so they have you in mind even before reading your warm words within.

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Addresses: The Easy Way

Holiday Mailing labels
Holiday Mailing labels

The fastest way to ruin a vacation is with some holiday carpal tunnel locking up those wrists. Why write your address over and over when you can just order a sheet in sticker form? Choose from white, clear, or metallic foil options, then select either a ready-made design or upload something you created yourself.

They may be small, but these labels can accommodate your artistic vision and even your photos. Use your image as a background or set it to one side. These address labels are a snap to apply, and they will save both your time and hands. Check out the stickers too, if you’re afraid of the taste of licking all the envelopes closed yourself.

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A Gift for You and the Gift You Give

Gift exchange
Gift exchange

The holidays are a time of sharing and caring, and VistaPrint has something to share with you too. Starting on 11/16 and running through 11/29, you can enjoy a tiered discount with the promo code SLICK45.

Once it’s locked in, you can benefit from $15 off $75, $20 off $100, or $45 off a purchase of $150 or more. So go forth and preserve those memories, give them to friends and family, and do so without the fear of that extra-hard wallet pinch on top.

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