Customers Lose It Over McDonalds' 'Remix' Menu Offerings

McDonald's Meal

McDonald's is shaking things up a bit!

The famed fast food chain is offering a Remix Menu, presenting a collection of items that feature popular mash-ups with a twist, making them into brand new creations.

The eatery's innovations include the Chicken Cheeseburger, Sweet Chili Junior Chicken sandwich, Surf N' Turf Burger, and what looks to be the fan-favorite so far, the Apple Pie McFlurry.

After getting wind of the specialty menu, social media users and fans of the brand effectively lost their minds, taking to X (formerly Twitter) to share what they plan to indulge in first.

"If you think I’m not getting an Apple pie McFlurry and wash it down with the chicken cheeseburger you are crazy," one reacted to the news, while another quickly responded to the comment, writing, "I’m right behind you in the drive-thru."

One showed intrigue, questioning, "An Apple Pie McFlurry?" alongside a comical meme of super-producer Timbaland looking around the room.

"Apple pie McFlurry?!!?!! I need it!!!" another doubled down.

"Apple pie mcflurry moves me," an additional X user added, while yet another chimed in confirming, "That apple pie McFlurry gone have to see about me, I’m sorry."

On the other hand, someone else shut down the hype for the new sweet treat, theorizing, "I don't know why anyone would get excited for the Apple Pie McFlurry when we all know they are never gonna turn that ice cream machine on and will just claim it's broken so they don't have to clean it."

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But before you rush off to your nearest McDonald's—not so fast! The Remix Menu is currently only being offered in Canada for a limited time, so those who hope to get their hands on it will have to plan a trip across the border if they're not local to the North American country.

As for us United States natives, all this talk on remixed food items just has us wondering, why don't we ever get the good stuff?

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