Customers Say You Should Buy These Bulk Items From Sam’s Club Instead Of Costco–They’re A Better Deal!

Sam's club storefront
Sam's club storefront

Those looking for the best deals on everything from frozen food to home essentials are likely no strangers to the beauty of membership-based warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco, which sell bulk products at discounted prices. And while both of these stores offer up their fair share of great deals, some prices are better at Sam’s Club than they are at Costco, and vice versa. Additionally, Sam’s Club is known to have a bit more variety when it comes to certain products.

That’s why we’ve put together a four products you’ll want to buy from Sam’s Club over Costco, from beef patties to baby formula. Find them all below!


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1. Beef patties

Stocking up on beef patties is a great idea if you love hosting barbecues or just have hamburgers has part of your regular dinner rotation. Regardless, you'll find the best bulk prices on this meat staple at Sam's Club over Costco.

While Sam's Club carries a 40-pack of frozen beef patties priced at just $$33.48, the same number of patties will cost you over $10 more at Costco. Best to head to Sam's Club next time you're going to be cooking up burgers on the grill!

2. Chicken wings

From game day apps to a tasty weeknight dinner, a bag of frozen chicken wings is always good to have in hand. And as it turns out, Sam's Club beats Costco in the meat department once again when it comes to their prices.

At Sam's Club, you'll be able to purchase a 10-pound bag of frozen chicken wings for just $17.98. Meanwhile, Costco's bag is priced at $31.99. That's a major difference—we'll definitely be getting our wings from Sam's!

3. Popchips

Who doesn't love a good snack? Even better if it comes in a big variety pack that will last you a long while—or at least longer than one sitting—whether you're sharing at a party or chowing down on your own.

Both Sam's Club and Costco carry 30-count variety boxes of delicious Popchips. However, buying this pack from Sam's Club will save you a few bucks—two bucks, to be exact. This product is $15 at Sam's Club, but at Costco you'll have to pay $17.

4. Baby items

Sometimes the real difference to look for between stores isn't the price, but the variety offered. New parents may find this especially important, as they (or their children) may have specific product preferences. According to consumer analyst Julie Ramhold from, you'll typically find the widest range of baby items at Sam's Club.

“For example, when I looked for baby wipes, Costco had three kinds online, two of which were their own Kirkland Signature brand,” she told Yahoo Finance. “But Sam’s Club had 10 different baby wipes listed, two of which were their own Member’s Mark brand, the other eight were varying kinds of Huggies, Pampers and Seventh Generation.”

The same goes for diapers: At Sam's Club, you'll find 23 varieties, while your choices at Costco are limited to just 7. Ramhold says Sam's Club also carries a wider variety of things like baby food, formula, and more. Noted!

Of course, compared to prices at other stores, Sam's Club and Costco both offer some of the best deals around. However, if you're not sure which to stop at on your weekly grocery run, Sam's Club is your best bet for the items on this list. Happy shopping!