Customers Are Asking 'Who's Doing Quality Checks' At Starbucks After Being Served 'Tiny' Breakfast Sandwich: 'Downright Criminal'


Starbucks customers are not happy with the coffee chain, complaining that the quality of their food products has severely declined. Many of these unhappy customers have taken to Reddit to share their experiences with different menu items coming out far from what they’re advertised as. Keep reading for all the details.

Starbucks Bacon Gouda Sandwich Is 'Tiny' Customers Complain

One Reddit user, @B0ngw8t3rlynt, started a thread with the title, "What is wrong with the bacon gouda lately???" and shared a few photos of a very sad looking bacon gouda sandwich from Starbucks.

"For 1, it’s so tiny and barely has any bacon, and almost $6.50 at my location," the customer wrote. "For 2, the bacon is never actually on the sandwich it’s always off to the side and folded."

This user in particular appears to be an employee, sharing that they try to make sure that the sandwich at least has all its ingredients. "For 3, why does this one look like this?" they continued. "All the other ones from the same box look normal and the bacon looks good, but this one is [barf emoji] luckily I checked the bacon before serving it. I try to always check it to make sure it's in the middle."

Starbucks describes the egg sandwich on their website as "sizzling applewood-smoked bacon, Parmesan cage-free egg frittata and melted aged Gouda on an artisan roll." With the description is a delicious looking sandwich with a perfectly toasted roll, crispy bacon, and melty cheese. Quite obviously, the Reddit user's sandwich looks nothing like the picture.

Redditors Ask 'Who's Doing Quality Checks' At Starbucks

@B0ngw8t3rlynt's post spurred a number of comments from other Starbucks customers and employees who agree that the quality of certain Starbucks products has gone down significantly. "My store keeps getting bacon goudas with no bacon," one employee shared.

"Almost $6 for that is downright criminal," one customer said.

"I now always check if the bacon is on it," another person shared. "Because one time there was no bacon."

"My store got one of these bacon goudas. We called it a gouda bacon," another person wrote. "Did the company cut the food assembly worker’s labor too? They should organize lol."

"One of my partners opened a bacon gouda and showed me the bacon and it was quite literally green," one person said.

"I don't understand," a final customer said. "Who's doing quality checks man?"