Currenn$y's conclusion of the 2020 NBA Finals

Legendary rapper Curren$y stops by Dunk Bait to talk about the conclusion of the 2020 NBA Finals.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: You watching the finals at all?

CURREN$Y: Yeah, yeah, a little bit, a little bit.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Are you a 'Bron guy?

CURREN$Y: I predicted before it even kicked off, I said the Lakers was going to win.


CURREN$Y: I said the Lakers was going to win simply because LeBron James seemed like he wasn't going to take no for an answer this time, you know. But once Miami that game, that kind of shook it up. Then I saw the stare down.


CURREN$Y: I saw that and I saw Holmes was like, you're in trouble. So this is what you're going to see if it's one of those, like, Michael Jordan moments, where it's like, that's all I need.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I took that personally. But, like, similar to LeBron, like, 'Bron has been in the game like, 17 years. You've been in the game 20 years, you've been rapping for a minute. Rappers come and go, but you stay consistent. What's the key, you know what I mean?

CURREN$Y: Think that's it, just consistency bro. Like at the end of the day, people who listen to me, they know what they're going to get. You know what I'm saying? and with that, it's safe for them to spend their dollar, you know what I'm saying? It's good, because you know what you're going to get.