Curren$y Predicted The Lakers As 2020 NBA Champs And Talks Music

Legendary rapper Curren$y stops by Dunk Bait to talk about the conclusion of the 2020 NBA Finals and his influences in music.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I'm here with the legendary rapper, culture icon. I think we can say that after like 20, 20 years in the game, you feel me? Like--

CURREN$Y: Thank you.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Curren$y, a.k.a Spitta Andretti, how you doing, my G?

CURREN$Y: I'm doing good, man. I'm good, man. Happy to be here.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I wanted to ask you a couple NBA questions, then we'll get into, you know, like I wanna talk about the music just a little bit. You had a song that you wrote about your Shorty talking about the NBA stop and how it switched up. Have you been keeping up with the bubble?

CURREN$Y: My friend's follow it a bit closer than I have.


CURREN$Y: And I think only because I just deemed all sports in 2020, like, inoperable. The sixth man, the 12th man in each of the-- in each the sports that we follow closely has been eliminated, you know what I'm saying? Like, the crowd and the whole thing to that, that affects the game.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: You watching the finals at all?

CURREN$Y: Yeah, yeah, yeah, a little bit, little bit.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Are you a Bron guy?

CURREN$Y: I, I, I predicted before it even kicked off. I said the Lakers was gonna win.


CURREN$Y: I said the Lakers was gonna win simply because LeBron James seemed like he wasn't gonna take no for an answer this time, you know. But once Miami won that game that kind of shook it up. Then I saw the stare down.


CURREN$Y: I saw that and then I saw homes was like you're in trouble. So this is where you gonna see if it's one of those, like, Michael Jordan mug where he's like, that's all I need.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I took that personally, but, like similar to LeBron, like Bron's been in the game like 17 years. You been in the game 20 years. You been, you been rapping for a minute. Rappers come and go, but you stayed consistent. Like, what's the key, you know what I mean?

CURREN$Y: Think that's it, just consistency, bro. Like, at the end of the day, people who listen to me, they know what they gonna get, you know what I'm saying? and, and with that, it's safe for them spend they dollar, you know what I'm saying? It's good because you know what you gonna get.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Before you, I don't, I don't feel like there was another Curren$y, like, who did you-- who inspired your moves because during the blog era, you had to move differently because your work, it was, it was uncharted territory.

CURREN$Y: The people who I payed attention to was like Camp Lo. I loved how Grand Puba dressed. 'Cause like, Snoop, Ferrell was watching them and being from New Orleans, it gave me a unique opportunity. Once I realized people were lending an ear to me to show people that I listened to all of those artists.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: First, you like came onto the scene. You know, you was with No Limit, said you wanted to switch it up and be completely yourself and you been focusing on being you. At that time wasn't nobody listening to anything, but gangsta rap, for real. You feel me? Maybe a little bit of Kanye.

CURREN$Y: And I was prepared to take the paycheck.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: Yeah, so, how did, how did you had a confidence to step out like that?

CURREN$Y: I'm a have to credit that to my mom because she's religious, but she's still hood. So my mom is really tied in with the way things work, and, and I knew that if I exhibited my faith, you know what I'm saying, I would be able to shine because my, my problem with my position I was in the blessed position to be at Young Money at the time.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: You was doing all the rapper that rappers were doing, but you did it in a way that seemed attainable to a regular dude like me, you feel me, like, like I quit, I quit my gig and stepped out on a limb because I was listening to know how you was going for yours, and now I'm here interviewing you.

CURREN$Y: Follow your heart because it wouldn't, it wouldn't strike you if there was wrong, you know what I'm saying? It's gotta come from somewhere. And the homie don't give you nothing you can't handle. I don't know how religious you are--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I respect it for sure. Yeah, yeah.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: It don't get sent down to you if you can't handle it.

LAJETHRO JENKINS: I appreciate you, man. You be cool man and keep doing you.

CURREN$Y: Booze just got here, brother. I'm a gone get into--

LAJETHRO JENKINS: All right, man.