Curious How Koa Smith Always Scores the Wave of the Day?

Koa Smith has an innate knack for scoring the wave of the day wherever he goes in the world.

Some might call it luck. But not Smith. In his view, he's already ridden "the wave" long before the swell even happens — be it in Bali, Africa, Hawaii, and all places in-between. And he does it through manifestation paired with a consistent morning routine.

"The reason I love doing the morning routine is that when it comes time to perform, and the waves are firing, you're ready to go," says Smith in the clip below. "Your body is warmed up, and you've already pushed through some barriers."

So, what does Smith's morning routine look like?

In the edit above, filmed while Smith was posted up at Uluwatu Surf Villas, he brings us behind-the-scenes of his typical morning. Without giving it all away, let's just say Smith is more productive before the sun comes up than most are in an entire day.

It's no wonder he can surf for 6 hours, and that he always seems to find the wave he's looking for.

Smith is proof: The mind is a powerful thing.

How hard are you pushing yours?


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