Curious Deer Watches Closely as Michigan Woman Sinks Golf Putt

PGA pro Jason Michael Dudzinski and his fiancee, Katie Nolff, were enjoying a day of golf on September 27 in Oakland County, Michigan, when a young deer wandered onto the course.

Dudzinski posted a video to his Facebook page showing the deer walking right up to Nolff just as she is setting up for her last shot of the day.

“This has never happened before to either of us,” Dudzinski told Storyful. “I was a little surprised as I was watching her out there and happened to glance over and see the deer approaching the green. I was a little nervous as you never know how deer might react, but Katie is an animal whisperer. It was an encounter is if she was petting a dog,” he said.

Nolff says hello to the buck and lets it smell her hand before she sets up again, and sinks her shot.

The deer sticks around while Nolff and Dudzinski retrieve the ball, as Nolff suggests that perhaps the animal wants to play with them, and proceeds to pick up and throw the ball for the deer, who is apparently not into fetch.

The couple had celebrated their upcoming nuptials with friends and family earlier in the day, and told Storyful that they thought the deer could be the spirit of Nolff’s late father stopping by to wish them well. Credit: Jason Michael Dudzinski via Storyful